I started writing the story of Coach ‘Em Up! … as a five minute stage skit for myself, and two other students in my Performing Actors workshops.

It was to be a story of a Pro Football Head Coach, his Daughter, and one of the Star Players on the coach’s team!

So once the Star Player met the Coach’s Daughter… they instantly became fascinated with one another… and almost immediately, the Coach disapproves!

Unfortunately, the Player has a ‘promiscuous reputation’ that the Coach was very aware of, and as he was also very aware of the player’s skillset levels, and his value to the team!

Being in the Coach’s position of being torn between personal and professionalism… He has now become the ‘semi-overly protective father’ for his own personal reasons and/or perhaps,
his own “personal secrets” as well.

That was the premise for the five minute skit… that’s how it all began, but what it has eventually become,

“A Clever, and Entertaining Dramatic Tv Miniseries,
In Beautiful ColourScripted dialogue form Books”

TV & Magazine

…seems to be of Fate!